Installing eUVM

Hello and welcome,
It seems that you have all the basic tools ready for the upcoming journey. If not please refer to the following link.

Getting started!

We have just launched the latest release of eUVM for all of you. The download link is given below:

Releases · coverify/euvm · GitHub

Just go to this page and download the beta 27version of eUVM by clicking the tar.xz file and following the instructions. You can make a new directory or download it in any existing one, the choice is yours.

In your Linux terminal write the following commands one by one:

$ tar xf euvm-1.0-beta27.tar.xz
$ cd euvm-1.0-beta27
$ ./utils/

After writing the last command a path will get displayed, your job is to copy it. The next step is to go to your home directory and edit the bash configuration file in emacs:

$ emacs .bashrc

The .bashrc will open in the emacs text editor. Scroll down to the bottom of the document and paste the path there. The next step is to open a new window and start working.

Some practice examples will be provided for you in the forum so that you can explore the eUVM realm.

Stay tuned :wink:

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