Getting started!

Hello and welcome,
Our pathway to mastering eUVM starts here. But firstly, we require some basic essential tools to put our first steps in this long journey. We will be installing these tools on a Linux OS, a Virtual box or a Windows Subsystem(WSL) can work too for those who don’t have LinuxOS on their devices. You can follow the below-mentioned link for a step-by-step installation guide for installing Ubuntu 22.04 on your existing Windows device.

We’ll first install the build-essentials package on our Ubuntu OS. The build-essentials packages are the form of meta-packages that are essential to compile software. They contain the GNU/g++ compiler collection, GNU debugger, and a few more libraries and tools needed to compile a program. Open your Ubuntu terminal and write the following command:

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential  

We also need a powerful text editor where we can write our code. Emacs is one such text editor and the below-mentioned command is used for its installation.

$ sudo apt-get install emacs 

After writing our code using Emacs, we also need iverilog(Icarus Verilog) and GTKwave for compiling and waveform reading. Use the following command for their installation

$ sudo apt-get install iverilog gtkwave

These are all the basic tools that we need before we enter the realm of eUVM. The guide for installing verilator and the latest release of eUVM will be uploaded shortly.

Stay tuned :wink: