Instructions for Installing Verilator

We need a patched version of Verilator available from The following installation instructions are adapted from


sudo apt update
sudo apt install git perl python3 make autoconf g++ flex bison ccache
sudo apt install libgoogle-perftools-dev numactl perl-doc
sudo apt install libfl2  # Ubuntu only (ignore if gives error)
sudo apt install libfl-dev  # Ubuntu only (ignore if gives error)
sudo apt install zlib1g zlib1g-dev  # Ubuntu only (ignore if gives error)

Build and Install:

unsetenv VERILATOR_ROOT  # For csh; ignore error if on bash
unset VERILATOR_ROOT  # For bash
git clone
cd verilator

git checkout euvm-dev      # Use euvm compatibility branch

autoconf         # Create ./configure script
./configure  --prefix=../verilator-install    # You will be required to provide an absolute path
make -j `nproc`  # Build Verilator itself (if error, try just 'make')
make install
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##issue with running verilator
touch verilator.stamp
verilator -I…/rtl -Wno-WIDTH -Wno-CASEINCOMPLETE --trace --cc --euvm …/rtl/
%Error: Invalid option: --euvm

I checked if i have cloned the correct repo , n it shows :
[fedora verilator]$ git checkout euvm-dev
Already on ‘euvm-dev’
Your branch is up to date with ‘origin/euvm-dev’.

what should I look into to fix it

Please check the path in which you have installed verilator , go to its bin directory and copy that path in the end of your .bashrc file
For example


After that write the command type verilator and check if it echoes the path. If it does then you are good to go.

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Also, please make sure that you have completed the installation steps properly. Including the following commmand:

git checkout euvm-dev