Question about transactor at EUVM

Hello Puneet,

I am trying to migrate my testbench to an emulation platform.
I think it need some transactor to control the DUT on the emulation platform.
How do you resolve transactor on emulation platform?
I can’t find a transactor example in the avmm_sha3 testbench and articles on this forum.

Could you please share your transactor example or clues?

Thank you in advance.

The transactor for emulation will really depend on your hardware.

I have now updated the github repo for avmm_sha3 example at You can look for avmm_sha3_de10.d file inside the testbench folder. This code works for de10_nano Cyclone V board from terasic. Kindly note that to run the example on de10_nano board, the code needs to be compiled for ARM Cortex A9. You can look for the makefile in emu folder for the compilation details.

With small modifications, we have also tested the code on Zybo and Ultra96 boards.

Do let me know if you face any issues.

Thank you for share your code.
It will be very helpful for our project.