Instructions for EUVM installation

$ cd
$ wget
$ tar xf euvm-1.0-beta4.tar.xz
$ export PATH=$HOME/euvm-1.0-beta4/bin:$PATH


Is is possible to run the beta release on a 32-bit linux machine? If not how do compile the libraries for a 32-bit system? I did tried running it on 32-bit Linux system (Lubuntu 18). I get an error message stating that the binaries cannot be executed. I am suspecting that these are 64-bit binaries. I am a completely Dlang newbie.
I did try to compile using a local installation of an ldc compiler like this

/usr/bin/ldmd2 -v -I=/home/Projects/test_uvm/uvm-1.0-beta1/import -relocation-model=pic -w -O3 -release -boundscheck=off -shared -ofavmm_sha3.vpi -L-luvm-ldc-shared -L-lesdl-ldc-shared
-L-lphobos2-ldc-shared -L-ldl avmm_sha3.d tiny_sha3/libsha3.a

However, I get the following error message

/home/Projects/test_uvm/uvm-1.0-beta1/import/uvm/base/uvm_object_defines.d(160): Error: mixin uvm.base.uvm_text_tr_stream.uvm_text_tr_stream.uvm_object_essentials!void.m_uvm_object_create_func!(uvm_text_tr_stream) error instantiating
/home/Projects/test_uvm/uvm-1.0-beta1/import/uvm/base/uvm_object_defines.d(235): Error: function uvm.base.uvm_text_tr_stream.uvm_text_tr_stream.uvm_object_essentials!void.m_uvm_get_type_name_func!(uvm_text_tr_stream).get_type_name does not override any function
/home/Projects/test_uvm/uvm-1.0-beta1/import/uvm/base/uvm_object_defines.d(161): Error: mixin uvm.base.uvm_text_tr_stream.uvm_text_tr_stream.uvm_object_essentials!void.m_uvm_get_type_name_func!(uvm_text_tr_stream) error instantiating
makefile:19: recipe for target ‘avmm_sha3.vpi’ failed
make: *** [avmm_sha3.vpi] Error 1
Thanks for any hint.

Hi Puneer sir,
I am getting error after running ‘make run’ command .
Error screenshot is attached

I think that is because I compiled Z3 on Ubuntu 20,4 and you are using an older version of Ubuntu.

Try the following command:

$ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/your/euvm/installation/euvm-1.0-beta5/lib

Or maybe beta6 if you downloaded the latest patch.

Hello Sir, I am facing the same kind of problem even after using this command. Please help

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What is your Linux Version?

It’s Ubuntu 20.04 version